All of our sites are built to be search engine friendly, this means that we ensure to meet all best practice guidelines to make sure your site gains a good listing on the major search engines. This is included in the cost off all new sites that ProSite builds.
If you have a site that is not performing well on search engines why not get us to do a report for you to see if there is room for improvement, for a nominal cost we will analyse your site and see how it compares to best practice guidelines. Contact us link

Pay Per click is a great way to get listed on search engines; this is where you pay for clicks through to your site. Times have changed in this area and you can now set realistic budgets to get your site listed. For example you can be listed in google for as little as one pound a day!
ProSite can set-up and advise you on pay per click campaigns, with our years of experience and know how we can get those all important visitors to your site effortlessly and cost effectively.

Email marketing can be a difficult task especially with the new data protection laws we at ProSite can assist you in email marketing campaigns. We can design your emails for you and in association with our sister company we can send out multiple emails using our own system, take a look at MailOutManager
An Internet marketing strategy is all too important. Getting this right determines the success of your new website. ProSite will always advise customers on the right action to make your site a success.

We can assist you to help make the right decisions for your marketing. We can sit back from your company and look at things form a different perspective and make recommendations based on that.


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